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PPEP Africa - Clean Water Works JAN 2015


Tucson Non-Profit will Help Minimize Spread of Ebola in Africa



PPEP Ebola/Maleria Preparedness Efforts in West Africa - August 2014

Duration: 1:41


First Annual Omaboyo Festival - August 2014

Duration: 49:42


Save the Last Tree

Duration: 3:32


The Eagle Has Spread its Wings

Duration: 4:59


The Importance of Equal Education of Young Women

Duration: 1:57


The Day the Big Tree Fell in Old Baika – Eyewitness Report – Summer 2013

Duration: 8:10


The Day the Big Tree Fell in Old Baika – Photo Album – Summer 2013

Duration: 5:44


The Day the Big Tree Fell in Old Baika - Summer 2013

Duration: 7:19


PPEP's Vision, WARES Commitment to Int'l Development & Humanitarianism - MEET ETV August 2012

Duration: 26:30


Si Se Pudo - Si Se Puede PPEP's Legacy 40 Decades of Improving Quality of Rural Life - Since 1967

Duration: 43:32


Nana BlotiOmaboyo I - Dr John Arnold - Royal Stool Status - Buem Kingdom, Old Baika GHANA Jan 2011

Duration: 1:01:26


Humanitarian Development Projects - Old Baika GHANA 12-26-11

Duration: 8:34


Dr John D Arnold Arrival to Cameroon - Social Economic Development Projects - Summer 2012

Duration: 42:40


Hawassa Ehtiopia Signing Ceremony MOU CEDES PPEP July 21 2012

Duration: 1:05:44


Ghana - Save the Forest 14K Marathon - Old Baika Dec 2012

Duration: 2:19


Ghana Diabetes, Nutrition and Prevention Center Dedication – Old Baika PPEP DEC 2012

Duration: 2:09


Ghana National TV News - Tourism Old Baika DEC 2012

Duration: 1:37


Agricultural Research Bambili Africa Dec 2012

Duration: 10:41


Inuguration Ceremony of High TEC Tailoring Shop - Limbe, Cameroon DEC 2012

Duration: 1:01:43


Cameroon Bambui Fandom Dr John Arnold - Quarter Agricultural Projects July 2012 Part 1&2

Duration: 1:08:23


Cameroon Bamenda University Discourse Micro Business Development - Dr John Arnold Mon Ntoh 

Duration: 1:18:42


Inaugural Ceremony of Corn Mill in Masoba Bambui by Dr John Arnold DEC 2012 

Duration: 2:06:19


Inaugural Ceremony Corn Mill in MACHA Quarter in Bambui PPEP Dec 2013 

Duration: 1:07:08


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