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Bueman Kingdom, Old Baika , Ghana

In 2010, Dr. Arnold was invited by Nana Otimpong Otibribi III Monarch of the Buem Kingdom to come to Old Baika. Upon his arrival he was made a Nana with the elevated stool of Chief of Economic Development. His title name is Nana Bloti Omaboyo I. Since 2010, two schools have been renovated; one an elementary school in Old Baika. The Cousens Nutrition and Holistic Center was established by the Tree of Life and feeds 350 children weekly. A micro finance and cooperative lending program has been established in Old Baika. The Eagles Nest was established as a PPEP residence, office, and temporary guest house also in Old Baika. Two clean water base holes (wells) have been drilled to provide safe and sanitary water sources in Old Baika.
Sports camps for youth, cosmetic camps for women, art classes, chess clubs, cultural music and dance programs are conducted and supplied. The eco-traditional Humanitarian Tourism project is being launched in order to attract professionals from abroad to spend their vacation doing community service volunteerism during the holidays. Archeological activities have gained interest as Old Baika ancestral home has been rediscovered in a mountain top in the rainforest. Mountain hiking, biking, camping, nature walks, historical tours and archeological adventures are now offered from the Old Baika Tourist Center.

The Buemanian community is also trying to stop the cutting of the rainforest, which has been devastating, as well as, restore the once thriving cocoa production. A Natural Cure Diabetes Presentation coupled with Sustainable Organic Farming seminars were conducted in the regional capital of Ho to create awareness of good eating habits and staving off the’ junk food craze’ from the city. Ghana is a great place for volunteerism. It is safe and the people are very friendly and appreciative. Other efforts to save the Rain Forest are under way , educating the public as well harnessing the loggers that run rampant and ravage the forest are the biggest priorities. In 2012 a 14k marathon between Old Baika and Tetema was scheduled with the theme to ‘save the forest from the wood cutters. Also the Bueman Kingdom has some ancient roots in its culture, language , music and dance. Furthermore recently their ancestral home was recently re discovered on a mountain top. The old market site has been cleared and historical tours are offered to visitors with historical talks at the ancient market place. There is great camping , archeology, hiking and biking for the region along with maps are available form the Old Baika Tourist Center.

Guides can be hired for the treks. Another major event outside the regular holidays is the Bloti Omaboyo Festival held on December 26 thin Old Baika. There is cultural dancing by the famed Eagle’s youth traditional dance group, sporting events, traditional food, guided tours , fundraising, and a just a great time when the city dwellers form Accra come back home and enjoy their roots. On the last Saturday of January there is a special ‘children’s recognition day’ in New Baika. Games, music, fun and art. So if you are a tourist from abroad and want a great place to come and relax, explore, or become involved in humanitarian work that is your choice.

If you are Ghanaian you have the opportunity to step back in time and se Ghana life as it was in the past. Either way the 72 degree year around temperature is refreshing to all. Moreover the traditional and friendly Bueman/Baika people make you feel as this is your home too. Old Baika is located inland from Accra about 3 hours drive on good roads. The climate is either the rainy season in the summer and dry season in the winter months. the typography is hilly ,to mountainous, to valleys with rivers all heavily forested as this is the true African Rainforest.. Quaint villages all with historical roots dating to time before history. Words hardly can describe what is there . This is the reason you must come and see for yourself and perhaps discover for your self something new and unforgettable. Nana Bloti Omboyo1.


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